Monday, 22 March 2010

Living for Now

We don’t have a future, we don’t have a past. All we really have is this very moment.

I had lunch yesterday with friends who’s life has been turned upside down. A year or so ago Sid was told that he had an inoperable brain tumour. He and his wife have two young daughters who are a delight to be with and an absolute credit to them. All four of them are living with the certainty that one day everything will change.

Nine years ago, Sid found himself out of work and after trying to find new employment, he settled into the life of house-husband. Without doubt a tough time for him to cope with. Yet I don’t think that I can remember him ever complaining. He made the absolute best of the cards that he had been dealt. Throwing himself into domestic chores, childcare and decorating the family home.

He became a dinner “lady” at his daughters’ school, much to the delight and amusement of the whole family.

Quite an inspiration…


Now, sadly, he’s not at all well. Family roles have had to reverse once more. Carer becomes cared for. But he’s still there, there are sparks of his humour that even his disabilities cannot contain. He has trouble communicating, and yet his determination makes sure that he gets his message across.

I’m quite sure that they have all, at sometime or another wondered “why us” and quite rightly so. Yet they tackle their problems with dignity and honesty. They speak openly about the trials that they have faced and the times that they know are to come.

Still an inspiration…


So, to explain the opening line. When you started reading this, there were no guarantees that you would reach the end. Only the expectation. But you are reading these words right now. This is truly all we have, right now.

Sure we can and should make plans for the future, and we should learn from the past. But we have to live in the present. Why worry about what might happen, when we don’t know when that will be? Why become hung up on what has happened, when we can’t change anything?

When it did happen, that was now. When it does happen, that will be now also.


I take my hat off, not only to Sid, but to Vic and Keith too.