Saturday, 7 September 2013


Hello, it really has been a very long time hasn’t it?

I’ve been off doing things with a camera you see, , but like all things it has to co-exist with life and responsibilities. It’s a fun distraction and challenges me to find new and interesting things. Sometimes inspiration is in short supply, other times inspiration is available in buckets full and time is unavailable.

We have to juggle so much in our lives that so often something has to give. Sometimes we get so hung up on our careers, family, friends etc that we miss what’s right under our noses. We have to take time to stop and take a look around. Find the Ferris Bueller within...
Well OK, we can’t really do all of that, because that was Hollywood and more than a little bit silly. But who at some time hasn’t wished that they could just take time out and do something just for themselves.

I used to work with a guy who a couple of times a year would take himself off for a couple of days, telling his family that he was travelling for work. Actually he would be in a bed and breakfast on the coast and spend the days sitting on the beach, drinking coffee, reading the paper or having a quiet beer. Terribly dishonest, but I can see why he did it.

For many years now, I’ve lived with depression. I don’t hide it, but it does tend to be a conversation killer, so I don’t mention it much. It is referred to as a black dog, a faithful constant companion. Over the years it has given me cause to stop and have a look at myself on many occasions. I recognise the need to take time out for myself, have a “me” day. But I have found that it doesn’t always mean having to take a day out.
We can all afford a few minutes each day to stop and have a look around. If we take just those few moments to be with ourselves and think about what we are doing and where we are going, perhaps we’ll get a clear picture.

We don’t need to run around wrecking our best mate’s dad’s Ferrari or dancing in a parade in Manhattan...

...but it would be fun, wouldn’t it?